About the Classical Layouts

Several of our pages come in what we call a “Classical” layout. This layout is based on the types of layouts that are found in early manuscripts, as described by Robert Bringhurst in his seminal tome, The Elements of Typographic Style. It comprises a text block area of approximately Golden Ratio proportions (~1.618:1) set according to certain geometric ideals upon the A5 page, which is itself in a √2:1 ratio. We could describe this better if we could actually find our copy of Bringhurst’s book, but it’s in storage somewhere at the moment. The book is, by the way, one of the better design treatises out there, so if you are at all interested in typography or page design and you don’t already own this book, run—do not walk—to your nearest book seller and order a copy.

Not only does the Classical layout make all your notes look even more important, it also provides a convenient area for making annotations later.


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