About the Perpetual Calendars

We like handwriting. We like fine paper, and fine pens. We love fountain pens! Nothing personalizes your organizer/notebook/planner like your own handwriting.

We also like flexibility. One of the things that has bothered us over the years is that practically all manufacturers of personal organization products force you to abide by their prior decisions about how you schedule or track your life. If any particular company ever produces a product that fits a niche need, then it’s likely to be discontinued in short order. What if you prefer a Sunday start layout, but the company only produces a Monday start layout?

On top of that, every year you need to purchase a new pre-dated calendar. We like pre-dated calendars, and we have forthcoming versions, but there are some problems that they don’t solve. For one thing, if you are as perfection minded as we are, what do you do when some of the pre-dated pages get all mucked up? Buy a whole new pre-dated pack? Thank you, but no…

To these ends, we have created calendar pages that allow you the maximum in flexibility and personalization, and we call them our Perpetual Layouts. Enjoy!


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