paige paigen

Paige Paigen is producing a new line of personal organizer pages designed to maximize flexibility and creativity.

Our initial offerings are based on the A5 paper size, and may be used in any Filofax brand A5 size organizer, or any other binding system that will accommodate A5 pages. We will in the future be producing other sizes based on the ISO 216 standard “A” and “B” paper sizing systems.

The product line comprises, as of today, twenty distinct types of organizer inserts, including ten different types of note paper, ledger paper, music papers, storyboarding pages, calendaring and journalling pages, and address pages. Full descriptions of each individual type will follow, as each is made available.

Paige Paigen does not subscribe to any particular planning system. Our products are designed to be as free-form as possible, so that each user can create their own framework without being encumbered unnecessarily by any particular method.

Since we are a new company, we will be offering, for a limited time, PDF files containing templates of our products that you can print out and use. These files will be made available under a Creative Commons License. We hope to obtain feedback from our users as to how we can improve the products and we welcome any suggestions users may have for additional designs.

We plan in the future to make our products available for sale printed on the highest quality paper stock, with a particular eye toward the needs of fountain pen users.

Here is the current list of Paige Paigen organizer pages:

No. 1000 A5 Blank

No. 1101 A5 Classical Plain
No. 1102 A5 Classical Ruled
No. 1104 A5 Classical Quadrille (2 sq/cm)
No. 1105 A5 Classical Genkouyoushi

No. 1201 A5 Modern Plain
No. 1202 A5 Modern Ruled
No. 1203 A5 Modern Ruled Box
No. 1204 A5 Modern Quadrille (2 sq/cm)
No. 1205 A5 Modern Genkouyoushi
No. 1206 A5 Modern Ledger

No. 1301 A5 Modern Address

No. 1401 A5 Music Staff
No. 1402 A5 Guitar Tablature/Chord
No. 1411 A5 HDTV Storyboard (16:9)
No. 1412 A5 Anamorphic Storyboard (2.4:1)

No. 2001 A5 Month On Two Pages, Perpetual
No. 2003 A5 Week On Two Pages, Perpetual
No. 2007 A5 Seven-Year Journal, Perpetual
No. 2009 A5 Family Calendar, Perpetual

We hope you find our offerings useful! Please don’t hesitate to send suggestions or feedback to, and you can follow us on Twitter @paigepaigen…


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