Since the camera was out…A5 prototype pictures

We couldn’t resist taking a few more pictures, since we already had the camera out, although we’re afraid the rulings don’t show up quite as well here, because the B5 prototypes in the last set of pictures were actually printed before we switched to a lighter rule width. In any case, here are some pictures of a Filofax A5 Windsor containing various types of our pages.

The pen in this case is a Cross Metropolis Fountain Pen in black and chrome with a medium nib. Unfortunately, Cross doesn’t make these anymore.

You might notice that in the picture of the Month On Two Pages Perpetual calendar, the day numbers in the planning strip on the left are printed in Non-Photo Blue. This has been changed in the final files to Black.

The pictures should be, in order:

1. No. 2001 – A5 Month On Two Pages Perpetual

2. No. 2009 – A5 Family Planner

3. No. 2003 – A5 Week On Two Pages Perpetual

4. No. 2007 – A5 Seven-Year Journal

5. No. 1202 – A5 Modern Ruled

6. No. 1205 – A5 Modern Genkouyoushi

7. No. 1206 – A5 Modern Ledger

8. No. 1412 – A5 Anamorphic Storyboard

9. No. 1301 – A5 Modern Addresses


And yes, we do so need a better camera!



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