Some B5 prototype pictures!

Here’s a few pictures of a Filofax Deskfax Sandhurst loaded with a few prototypes of our B5 Classical Ruled pages, to give you an idea how the layouts look. The back side of the pages was missing one rule at the top, but that’s been fixed in the file already. Also, the original files had all the elements at a 0.567 pt width (there was a metric reason for that originally), but we’re switching to 0.25 pt rules. Otherwise, we think they look quite beautiful…

Oh, and we think we’ve solved the issues we were having with printer registration, so the B5 files will be set up for B5 paper. On US Letter, B5 creates a lot less waste than A5, but still leaves enough room for crop marks to print.

The pen is a Graf von Faber Castell Rhodium Guilloche Rollerball, but it’s actually loaded with a Schmidt 2010M ballpoint refill, which is the same size as a standard rollerball refill. We’re strange in that we happen to actually like ballpoints better than rollerballs.

Although B5 is larger than A5, the proportions are the same, so an A5 setup will look quite similar.



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