New Products Coming Soon!

24 May 2013

We’ve been hard at work designing our organiser products to fit Filofax Personal size binders, as well as all the other brands which use the same size inserts. Stay tuned for our first batch of 12 different designs, some of which will be exclusive to the Personal size!

Here’s what’s coming:

No. 5000 — Personal Blank
No. 5001 — Personal Plain
No. 5002 — Personal Ruled
No. 5003 — Personal Ruled Box
No. 5004 — Personal Quadrille
No. 5006 — Personal Ledger

No. 5201 — Personal Modern Plain
No. 5202 — Personal Modern Ruled
No. 5203 — Personal Modern Ruled Box
No. 5204 — Personal Modern Quadrille
No. 5206 — Personal Modern Ledger

And, the pièce de resistance…

No. 6105 — Personal 2013 Week on One Page Calendar


Picture 3

All the files are finished, we just need to get the new website a little bit better organised before we post the links to the actual PDF files. As with all our designs, until we go into full production, our designs are free for personal use under the terms of the Creative Commons License.

Oh, did I forget to mention some of the other products we’ll have up at the same time? We’ve been working hard on automating the process of updating our dated calendars for each year, as well as producing some reference pages you might find interesting,  and we now also have:

No. 2102 A5 2013 Month on Two Pages Calendar

Picture 7

No. 1010 A5 International Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Reference
No. 5010 Personal International Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Reference

Now that we’ve got our automation down, we’ll be able to have our 2014 calendars ready soon, as well!

All these designs should be available within the week!


Paige Paigen


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