New PDF Files with Crop Marks, and Printing Information

It has come to our attention that our PDF files might be a little difficult to print correctly, since there are no crop marks on them. So, after a little expreimentation, we’re going to produce some new PDFs for printing on sheet sizes that are larger than the final page sizes.

This means you can print Personal pages 2-up on US Letter, by using the multiple page per sheet feature of Adobe Reader. If you print the odd pages using the “Horizontal Reversed” setting, and then print the even pages with the “Horizontal” setting, then all you pages should align correctly, and then they can be trimmed to size, punched, and inserted in your organiser.

The first files available are the No. 6101-2013 Personal Month on Two Pages, Calendar, US English, Sunday-Saturday and the No. 6105-2013 Personal Week on One Page Calendar, US English, Sunday-Saturday. You will find the new files, with crop marks, on the Products page after the original files, marked “(with crop marks)”. We’ll be producing the rest soon; stay tuned!


Paige Paigen


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