New Between Pages!

We’ve added ten new products designed to help you stay current. Our new Between Pages for Personal Size are designed to be punched on both the left and right margins so that you can insert them in-between pages of your diary and always have the correct side of the page facing no matter what the current date. We like to use these as “To Do” list pages, or for tracking anything that must remain current and present with your daily planning.

No. 5101 — Personal Plain Between
No. 5102 — Personal Ruled Between
No. 5103 — Personal Ruled Box Between
No. 5104 — Personal Quadrille Between
No. 5106 — Personal Ledger Between

No. 5301 — Personal Modern Plain Between
No. 5302 — Personal Modern Ruled Between
No. 5303 — Personal Modern Ruled Box Between
No. 5304 — Personal Modern Quadrille Between
No. 5306 — Personal Modern Ledger Between

As always, Paige Paigen products are available for personal use under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


New York City Subway Maps in Personal Size (triple width)

Because we needed these for our own organisers and no one seems to sell similar nowadays, we threw together a quick adaptation of the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority’s current subway map to print on US Letter size paper. When trimmed, the sheet will be 265 mm wide by 171 mm tall. When folded at 95 mm and 180 mm from the inside edge, it will fit perfectly as a tri-fold, triple-width sheet. We won’t be selling these, as the copyright belongs to the MTA, but we doubt they’ll mind us printing off a few for our own usage.





New PDF Files with Crop Marks, and Printing Information

It has come to our attention that our PDF files might be a little difficult to print correctly, since there are no crop marks on them. So, after a little expreimentation, we’re going to produce some new PDFs for printing on sheet sizes that are larger than the final page sizes.

This means you can print Personal pages 2-up on US Letter, by using the multiple page per sheet feature of Adobe Reader. If you print the odd pages using the “Horizontal Reversed” setting, and then print the even pages with the “Horizontal” setting, then all you pages should align correctly, and then they can be trimmed to size, punched, and inserted in your organiser.

The first files available are the No. 6101-2013 Personal Month on Two Pages, Calendar, US English, Sunday-Saturday and the No. 6105-2013 Personal Week on One Page Calendar, US English, Sunday-Saturday. You will find the new files, with crop marks, on the Products page after the original files, marked “(with crop marks)”. We’ll be producing the rest soon; stay tuned!


Paige Paigen

More New Products!

27 May 2013

Picture 11

Today, we’ve posted five new files, including:

No. 1010 — A5 International Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Reference
No. 5010 — Personal International Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Reference

No. 1103 — A5 Classical Ruled Box
No. 3103 — B5 Classical Ruled Box


No. 2105 — A5 2013 Week on One Page Calendar, US English, Sunday-Saturday

…bringing our total number of currently available designs to 48. As with all our designs, until we go into full production and print these for sale, we’re making them available free for personal use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Make sure you head over to our Products page to see our entire range!